July 2004 - Posts

Publish Exceptions as RSS

I just saw Matt Wright's post: RSS Exception Fun, where he says that he's created a couple of custom publishers to log exceptions to a custom event log, send you an email with the exception details and to publish that exception information as an RSS feed. Read More

CodeStore Partnership

I've raised the question over on the CodeStore blog over whether (a) it should become a wider community site and (b) having done that whether it should partner with Microsoft. Any thoughts or comments you may have would be welcomed. Read More

Web Deploy

Just the other day I was busy using FTP to manually upload a web application to the test server, when I remembered a handy tool I'd found several months ago, but couldn't remember the name of it. I decided that I'd get round to hunting through my download Read More

What are the Express Products?

At the recently finished TechEd show this year Microsoft gave us more information about Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 Team System. They also announced the Express line of products. "The Express products, expanding the Visual Studio product Read More

Windows Mobile 2003 SE

Now that my wireless network gives me a nice strong signal pretty much everywhere in my house I tend to browse some of the PocketPC-related news sites in the morning on my HP iPAQ h5550 before I get started for work. One of my favourites is PocketPC Thoughts, Read More

OpenNETCF Code Competition

I just saw this over on Neil Cowburn's blog: OpenNETCF Consulting to sponsor OpenNETCF Coding Compettition. I've been meaning to write some software for my iPAQ h5550 for quite some time now and have several ideas in my mind. Now I have some extra motivation Read More

CodeStore Blog Returns

The CodeStore blog has now returned at last! This is a start, but unfortunately the downloads and the repository are still unavailable. Please be patient. Normal service will be resumed soon and further developments will happen too. If you used to subscribe Read More

Links Improved

posted 08 July 2004 16:21 by derek lakin :: 2 Comments
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Thanks again to Bill Nalen for pointing out how to improve the layout of the column on the left having created a separate Links page. It's quite simple actually; you just replace the SingleColumn instance in the PageTemplate.ascx file in your skin of Read More

Links Section Started

posted 07 July 2004 12:30 by derek lakin :: 2 Comments
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Thanks to Bill Nalen's article I've managed to create a Links page (see the new Links link under My Links). Now all I need to do is fill it with the old links from what used to be called QuickPicks on the old blog and work out how to remove the Link Read More

Here at Last!

posted 06 July 2004 17:38 by derek lakin :: 1 Comments
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It's taken a while, but I have finally got my blog back up and running. I'm using .Text hosted my very own brand spanking new dedicated server. After much hassle and failure to provide any useful .NET support I have left 1&1 behind for the delights Read More