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Published 13 September 2004 15:13 by Derek Lakin
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That got your attention! But it's actually true. Further to my earlier post, I have developed my hosting idea further and have put together a page to show the options (including a free one) and the basic features they provide along with their provisional prices.

Neil just called what I'm offering Personal Shared Hosting or PSH, which is a phrase that I really like. What I'm trying to do is to provide dedicated server type functionality at a fraction of the price. If there's a feature, web service, componentĀ or anything else that you want on your account then I will do whatever I can to accomodate you, all for free. Once you've got your account you don't pay anything else for changes, support calls, web application setup or changes, etc. The only time you'll pay anything more is if you want to upgrade your account or add more diskspace, bandwidth, mailboxes, etc.

What I want to know is if these prices are about right for the features on offer. Once again your comments and feedback would be appreciated.


# re: Free ASP .NET Hosting @ 05 November 2004 14:53

The prices and features are all confirmed now. Go to for full details.

Derek Lakin