October 2004 - Posts

Happy Birthday Bill Gates

Happy 49th Birthday Bill Gates! Mike Stanic wonders if Bill has an Amazon Wishlist. What does one fo the worlds richest people get for birthday's and Christmas? Read More

Photo Story 3

Microsoft are often criticised for many things, including giving away free software (like Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Movie Maker, etc.), so no doubt they'll come in to more criticism for giving away Photo Story 3 to Windows XP users. Personally Read More

Where has all my Email Gone?

As October draws to a close it has occurred to me tha the number of emails that I get has dropped dramatically and I don't know why I was wondering if anyone else had noticed the same phenomenon. This started out as a vague awareness, but I have now Read More

Why I Like Blogs

There are many reasons why I like blogs and blogging, so I thought I'd collate them here. This has come to mind recently because the other day I was working away on a project at home in the evening when all of sudden MSN Messenger jumped to life and a Read More

Virtual PC 2004 SP1 Released

The first Service Pack for Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 has now been released. You can download it from the Microsoft Website . This contains an update to the Virtual Machine Additions that was mentioned in my earlier Virtual PC And Windows XPSP2 post, Read More

Crash Different

This (http://whitehathouston.com/mac.wmv) is absolutely the funniest movie I have seen in my entire life! I would say it is work safe, though there is some mild swearing in it. Found via Jon Rowett's blog and I think he got it via .NET Rocks Read More

BlikiLibrary Makes FlexWiki Blogging Easier

I've just put the finishing touches to my FlexWiki powered blog (or bliki), which now uses the BlikiLibrary that I've created using WikiTalk. This library means that the Home Page and all Category Pages are now just two lines of code each! Just read Read More

VGA Goodness on the PocketLoox 720

One of the main reasons for buying the Pocket Loox 720 over something like the DELL Axim X30 or something simimlar was the fact that it was a VGA Pocket PC, rather than the QVGA that most other Pocket P Cs are. My first impression when I started it up Read More

Promised PocketLoox Photos

I promised in my earlier Pocket Loox720 First Thoughts that I'd post some photos taken with the camera so here they are. The photos I took were intentionally from a similar location and in similar lighting conditions to Landscape Photos At Flickr taken Read More

GMail Drive Shell Extension

Haven't had chance to try this out yet, but it certainly sounds interesting: a shell extension that adds a GMail drive to Explorer that uses the GMail API to provide you with an online data store. Read More

My New PocketLoox 720 Has Arrived!

My new FSC Pocket Loox 720 has arrived! Now all I need is the time to play with it As soon as I have I'll post some actual pictures of it and some taken with it (it has a 1.3MP digital camera built in). Until then here's a picture from FirstLoox.org Read More

Landscape Photos on Flickr

I've just uploaded some photos of the site where my new employer are based and put them in to a Landscapes photo-set on Flickr . Here's a few thumbnails to whet your appetite: Read More