posted on 22 October 2004 13:11 by Derek Lakin

Where has all my Email Gone?

As October draws to a close it has occurred to me tha the number of emails that I get has dropped dramatically and I don't know why I was wondering if anyone else had noticed the same phenomenon.

This started out as a vague awareness, but I have now fired up the Statistics view SpamBully and I relly have had a dramatic reduction in the number of emails I've received. Just look at the table below to see what I mean:

Month Good Email Spam Email Total Email
June 126 85 211
July 124 123 247
August 193 114 307
September 299 167 466
October (to date) 61 31 92

So the good news is that the amount of spam I receive has drastically reduced and this is almost certainly brought on by a massive spam attack that happened towards the end of September. Someone decided to use the domain to send out huge quantities of spam, the majority of which all got blocked by various mail servers and sent back to me. As a result of this I configured my mail server to stop responding to unnamed emails, however the aliases that were active before that are still being collected, so newsletters and other online registrations carried out with addresses shoudl still be valid.

So, less spam overall: good thing. Less email overall: confused Is it just me?


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