November 2004 - Posts

Welcome to my New .Text Skin

Having seen the winners of the recent Style Master templates competition I instantly fell in love with Kemie Guaida's 1st place entry "Blu". With a bit of tweaking and a few custom controls I've managed to massage this into a two-column variant and then Read More

Christmas is Coming!

Having recently actually visited my sister's blog recently rather than just read here posts in Sauce Reader, I noticed that she's put up her Christmas list for herself and her boyfriend. This immediately reminded me that Christmas is approaching rapidly Read More

Using for the Blogroll

http://www.paulmwatson.comThe eagle-eyed readers will have noticed some recent changes to the site on the left-hand side. At first I added my blogroll based on my subscriptions from Bloglines, but in all honesty I don't actually read all of those blogs, Read More

BlikiLibrary Update

I've updated the BlikiLibrary to include a CategoryList method. Full details here: Read More

Community Server :: Beta One

What seems like years ago, but is actually less than five months ago, I switched over from Movable Type  to .Text as my blogging engine. More recently Scott Watermasysk moved to telligent systems and .Text became Community Server :: Blogs. Yesterday Read More

CodeStore On The Move (again)

There are lots of things going on that I can't talk about at the moment involving CodeStore. One of the things I can say is that I'm working on a change (again ... sorry) to make the server-side DotNetNuke based (just like The Add-in Zone), which will Read More

.NET Remoting Update

In an earlier post I blogged about a problem I was having with .NET Remoting. After a lengthy support incident with Microsoft we worked out (several weeks ago; sorry for the delay ) that the problem was actually my anti-virus software, which even when Read More

More Bad News for Comment Spammers

Robert McLaw announced the other day that it was time to start fighting back against comment spammers. Today he announced and a public API for verifying IP addresses against a blog spammer IP address database. This an excellent way forward Read More

A Kick in the Pants for BlogSpam

Miguel Jimenez has just released a control that finally gives a kick in the pants to blog spam. The Clearscreen HIP Control uses the Human Interaction Proof (HIP) mechanism to display an image that requires a person to recognise and type the characters Read More

Carry Case for 17" Laptop

My new employer was kind enough to purchase a Sony Vaio 17" widescreen laptop for me when I started work for them. However, they didn't think to get a carry case at the same time and now I need one. Having scoured our preferred supplier's website I put Read More