posted on 18 November 2004 11:29 by Derek Lakin

Community Server :: Beta One

What seems like years ago, but is actually less than five months ago, I switched over from Movable Type  to .Text as my blogging engine. More recently Scott Watermasysk moved to telligent systems and .Text became Community Server :: Blogs.

Yesterday Scott announced that Community Server Beta One is now available. This beta actually combines :: Blogs, :: Forums and :: Gallery (formerly nGallery) together in to a single integrated product. As Scott points out "Although new features were not a top priority, because of the changes that needed to happen to integrate the three core CS applications a couple of nice improvements were made".

I don't know what the timescales are for making it to the release, but I've just got to take a look at to see what's changed!


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23 February 2005 20:40 by gene
Did you migrate your MT data into your Blog? If so email me if you'd be willing to share your method!

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24 February 2005 10:09 by DerekLakinTru
I never did get round to looking at importing my old MT data into my .Text blog, though every now and then I think about it.

I still have the MySQL data stored in text files that would re-create the tables and insert the old data.

I'm sure with some fairly simple massaging it could be imported in to the .Text database structure. In fact with some fairly minor effort I'm sure I could put together a simple application that allowed to re-assign categories and authors, etc. It's all just a matter of time.
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