December 2004 - Posts

RoudyBob Likes My Skin

RoudyBob has just blogged about my new .Text skin and seems to like it: "I can’t help but point to this one.  Derek Lakin has built a very nice skin for .Text.  I’m in awe of the talent that’s out there.  Derek’s skin is superb." Read More

Podcasting ... Do I get it yet?

Earlier this month I asked the question: "What's All the Fuss About Podcasting?". I got some very interesting responses and it was enough to make me investigate further. My initial premise that podcasts were just audio blogging was incorrect, it's not Read More

BlikiLibrary Plugin Released

My BlikiLibrary Plugin for FlexWiki has now been released. You can read all about it, what's new, how to use it, where to download it and what's coming in version 2 over here. Read More

BlikiLibrary Leaps Forward Again

My BlikiLibrary for adding easier blogging functionality to FlexWiki has taken another leap forward as I've managed to get the core functionality ported in to a plugin for FlexWiki. The major advantages here are that the HomePage is now much better formatted Read More

Have Microsoft, Google and Yahoo Already Missed the Desktop Search Boat?

Paul Watson seems to think they have and I think I agree with him. Of the available desktop search tool betas that have been released so far I haven't bothered trying any of them. Not because I think the default Windows Explorer search facility is good, Read More

Community Server Beta 2 Released

Rob Howard's announcement is here. Needless to say I'm checking it out right now. Read More

Free eBook: "Dissecting a C# Application - Inside SharpDevelop"

"After a long enough wait, the first edition of the book "Dissecting a C# Application - Inside SharpDevelop" (written by Christian Holm, Mike Krueger and Bernhard Spuida) is available as a free ebook from the publishing rights holder Apress. We would Read More

MSN Spaces is Growing

There's been a lot of news and interest about MSN Spaces recently and now Mike Torres tells us his team are recruiting. "We are looking for passionate, bright software engineers and testers to help us drive this product forward. If you get excited Read More

What's All the Fuss About Podcasts?

Yet another post from Robert Scoble about podcasts. This time he suggests that Tantek makes a podcast for his DJ girlfriend and to be honest this is about the only useful thing I can think of for podcasts ... listening to music. In which case, what's Read More

Which Movie Villain Are You?

I was just catching up on some blogs and I think I followed a link to someone else's blog and found out that they were Darth Vader, which as movie villains go is pretty cool! Well, always game for a laugh I thought I'd have a go and it turns out that Read More

MSN Spaces Beta

Blogging is clearly becoming the next big thing. Some people have been blogging for years and some blog engines have been around for years, but blogging hasn't really been generally available to the mass public for very long. Microsoft are looking to Read More