Blue Curve Skin Public Release

Published 05 January 2005 13:55 by Derek Lakin
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After several requests were received for the release of my new skin for .Text has been pushed up my list of priorities and so here it is.

To install the skin:

  1. Extract the BlueCurve folder in the file into the .Text skins folder: "DotTextWeb/Skins/bluecurve/".
  2. Add the following line of code to the Skins.config file located in the "DotTextWeb/Admin folder": <SkinTemplate SkinID = "BlueCurve" Skin="BlueCurve" />.
  3. Extract the BlueCurveAdditions.dll file into the .Text bin folder: "DotTextWeb/bin/".
  4. Replace the DOCTYPE definition in DTP.aspx and Queue.aspx with the following: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
  5. Select "BlueCurve" from the skins selection in the blog Config Options.
BlueCurve Skin for .Text

Step 3 adds extra controls to the .Text installation to enable the custom rendering of certain elements to fit in with the overall design and step 4 is required to ensure the correct appearance of the skin in both Internet Explorer and FireFox (or other Mozilla based browsers).

The zip file can be downloaded from Click the thumbnail above for a larger screenshot. Feel free to leave any comments, feedback, bug reports in the comments for this post.

Update: The download has been updated to include a few fixes following feedback from Aubrey. Thansk.


# Digital Thoughts .Text Skin - Derek Lakin @ 05 January 2005 15:17

# BlueCurve Skin by Derek Lakin @ 05 January 2005 15:18

# BlueCurve Skin by Derek Lakin @ 05 January 2005 15:18

# re: Blue Curve Skin Public Release @ 05 January 2005 15:36

Very nice skin! Have you started making any skins for the upcoming Community Server : Blogs (formerly .Text - see <a href="">here</a> about that)? You can find some skins for the Forums part <a href="">here</a> and add any that you might make for CS : Blogs <a href="">here</a>. It's all at <a href=""></a>. Keep up the good work!


# re: Blue Curve Skin Public Release @ 05 January 2005 15:43

Information on skinning CS :: Blogs is very sparse at the moment, so I'll hold on until it's released I think.

Derek Lakin

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# re: Blue Curve Skin Public Release @ 06 January 2005 03:02

I sent an email before I noticed you wished to have bug reports in the comments, sorry. I have some further info. As I said, the top navigation bar is not being rendered at all. Here's what I see in the page rendered on your site:

<div id="nav-meta">
<ul title="Top Level Navigation bar">

But what I'm getting is this:

<h3>My Links</h3>

So I'm not getting the nav-meta rendered, which is why the banner looks the way it does.

I was able to fix it by removing this:

<uc1:MyLinks id="MyLinks1" runat="server"></uc1:MyLinks>

from Header.ascx and replacing it with this:

<div id="nav-meta">
<ul title="Top Level Navigation bar">
<li><asp:HyperLink Runat="server" NavigateUrl="~/Default.aspx" Text="Home" ID="HomeLink" /></li>
<li><asp:HyperLink AccessKey = "9" Runat="server" NavigateUrl="~/Contact.aspx" Text="Contact" ID="ContactLink" /></li>
<li><asp:HyperLink Runat="server" NavigateUrl="~/Rss.aspx" Text="Syndication" ID="Syndication" />
<li><asp:HyperLink Runat="server" Text="Admin" ID="Admin" /></li>

After making that change, it looks right.

I hope that code is readable after I hit the submit button...


# re: Blue Curve Skin Public Release @ 06 January 2005 03:42

Ok, it looks right, but the Admin link is broken. I have no idea why, that is the same code that seems to work with every other skin, I just copied it straight from the MyLinks.ascx file. If you put a NavigateUrl="~/admin" in, it seems to work fine, though.

I also noticed that in IE, just to the left of the H in Home, I have a vertical blue bar that is slightly darker than the background. I was able to fix that by changing #nav-meta ul padding to 1px.


# re: Blue Curve Skin Public Release @ 06 January 2005 04:41

Ok, I'm learning as I go here. I figured out that the admin link issue is because the Header.ascx doesn't inherit MyLinks, which is why the link wasn't rendering. So I put the header.ascx back to the way it was and added the <div id="nav-meta"> to the MyLinks control and took out the h3 line. I also blanked out the orange XML icon so it doesn't show up. Apparently if you try to remove it completely, that blows things up.

So now the login/admin link is working the way it should. But the vertical blue bar next to Home in the nav-meta bar is even wider in IE, and encompases the H as well, and I can't seem to get that adjusted. Still looks fine in Firefox, though.

Also, I would like to be able to see the header span text, but if I enable it, it shows up way at the top, and I can't figure out how to get it under the HeaderTitle.


# re: Blue Curve Skin Public Release @ 06 January 2005 05:08

One more thing. When I click on a post, I get the following error:

File or assembly name Clearscreen.SharpHIP, or one of its dependencies, was not found.

It's being called in PostComment.ascx.


# re: Blue Curve Skin Public Release @ 06 January 2005 09:28


Thanks for pointing out these problems. The download has now been updated with the correct MyLinks.ascx (I'd incorrectly included the default one, not my customised one) and the correct PostComment.ascx (I had forgotten to remove the HIP-CAPTCHA control for controlling comment spam).

Your problems with regard to differing appearance between IE and FireFox sound like you haven't changed the DOCTYPE to the XHTML one described in the installation instructions. If this isn't the case can you give me the URL of your blog so I can look into the problem, please?

Derek Lakin

# re: Blue Curve Skin Public Release @ 06 January 2005 20:18

After putting in your MyLinks file, the IE issue disappeared, you must have done something slightly different than I did. Could be the visible=false on the XML icon, I just used "" as the image.

Any thoughts on how to get the header span text to display?


# re: Blue Curve Skin Public Release @ 07 January 2005 19:41

The DLL file doesn't work for me and makes the "Configuration Error". I thought it might due to the version of the .text. I noticed that the version your skin would support is 0.96 but mine is only 0.95. However, I am thinking to upgrade it as well but I seem can't find the place to get it downloaded. Could you please provide me the link?


# re: Blue Curve Skin Public Release @ 08 January 2005 11:28


Sorry you had problems using the dll that accompanies my Blue Curve skin. I originally suspected that this is because you are running version 0.95 of .Text, but on closer inspection so am I :S

The version I am using is 0.95.2004.102 as available from the GotDotNet workspace (

If you can provide me with more information about the error you are receiving I might be able to help out.

Derek Lakin

# re: Blue Curve Skin Public Release @ 11 January 2005 07:04

great job!


# re: Blue Curve Skin Public Release @ 11 January 2005 12:41

Apologies for the delay, it took more to do than I had hoped. I've finally got the CSS working in IE and FireFox to correctly position and display the description.

The updated CSS file is in the (now updated) download.

Derek Lakin

# re: Blue Curve Skin Public Release @ 13 January 2005 09:29

If anyone's interested Kent's problem was that the ASPNET account hadn't been added to the BlueCurveAdditions.dll file.

Derek Lakin

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Default theme for CS blog is good and presents information OK, but it’s too boring. It’s very simple...

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