February 2005 - Posts

.Text Migration to Community Server

How to migrate to Community Server the easy way Guys at Interscape have released a tool named CSVerter that performs the migration from .Text 0.95 to Community Server 1.0... It converts everything in your .Text database to the new schema, including: Read More

FlexWiki Logo Contest

The FlexWiki Logo Contest is now closed to entries. We've got a large number of excellent submissions and I think judging will be difficult for David and Craig. The next phase now is that of community voting. For the next two weeks you can send an Read More

imeem Security

Thanks very much to imeem's Security Architect: Scott Manley, for allowing me to republish his imeem journal entry describing the security measures used in imeem: "My imeem business card says 'Security Architect', which means that I'm responsible for Read More

imeem Part II

After my initial investigations with imeem I've had the opportunity to talk over a few of my concerns with a few of the people at imeem (they're all users obviously). On Friday last week I was talking with Ted Malone (the imeem PR guy) and I asked him Read More

Community Server 1.0 Released

From Rob Howard's blog: "I'm thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Community Server version 1.0: Download Now! We will release the source code within the coming days, we have also begun work on version 1.1. The theme for version 1.1 Read More

Networking, Blogging and Sharing with imeem

Thanks to Paul Watson I've been invited to join imeem. According to their website: "imeem will fulfill one of the original promises of the Internet - The ability to freely interact with your friends and family to chat, share information, photos and Read More

Stargate SG-1: The Alliance

The official website for the upcoming Stargate SG-1: The Alliance game has now been officially launched. The story revolves around Anubis' "seeking that which can grant him immeasurable power" and SG1's battle to stop Read More