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imeem Chat Window Updates

posted 28 April 2005 14:29 by Derek Lakin :: 0 Comments
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I'm not sure what else has been updated in the new version of imeem that was released today (, but the chat window has been updated considerably from a visual point-of-view: As you can see, the person I was talking to thought it Read More

FileSystem vs MySQL vs SQLServer

I am about to embark on the implementation of an idea that has proven itself in some initial mini demos, but I have yet to decide how best to implement certain parts of it. This particular idea is a web application and the service that it provides Read More

Thank You From Flickr

posted 19 April 2005 20:34 by Derek Lakin :: 1 Comments
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When the announcement was made that Yahoo were buying Flickr I mentioned in my post that they were planning on giving Pro Account holders some "super mega bonuses" and today we found out what they were: Double subscription: having subscribed for Read More

Adobe Buys Macromedia

posted 18 April 2005 11:20 by Derek Lakin :: 1 Comments
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The annoucement that Adobe are to buy Macromedia has caught me offguard; I really wasn't expecting it and so I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I've been a long time user of Dreamweaver (though less recently) and Fireworks and have suffered at Read More

CAPTCHA Back on Digital Thoughts

posted 06 April 2005 13:18 by Derek Lakin :: 0 Comments
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When I migrated to Community ServerĀ I couldn't keep using Miguel's CAPTCHA control any more because it didn't support Community Server. Now, thankfully, he's updated his control and so the CAPTCHA is back on Digital Thoughts. What makes this version Read More