June 2005 - Posts

Flickr Pro Accounts

posted 30 June 2005 09:41 by Derek Lakin :: 5 Comments
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When flickr were bought by Yahoo I received two flickr Pro accounts to give away. The original deadline was July 1st, but they've just extended it to July 15th. Reading the news that they'd extended the deadline reminded me that I hadn't given mine Read More

Welcome to BlueFlame

posted 29 June 2005 15:36 by Derek Lakin :: 2 Comments
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Those of you visiting the site with a browser (instead of reading posts with an aggregator) will have noticed that the site has a snazzy new look-and-feel to it. As I mentioned before I was bored with BlueCurve and it was time for something different, Read More

Guidelines for Visual Studio

Many thanks to Craig for pointing out thsi very useful (hidden) feature of Visual Studio: Via John Robbins, I came across this little gem today. It's a registry setting that lets you display vertical guidelines in Visual Studio (2002, 2003, or Read More

Site Configuration Tool

posted 27 June 2005 10:26 by Derek Lakin :: 0 Comments
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When Community Server 1.0 was released people like me had a hard time getting it to work for a single blog installation just like I used to have when using .Text. There were a few tutorials/articles around that explained what to do, but I never got Read More

CS 1.1 Upgrade

posted 22 June 2005 12:15 by Derek Lakin :: 4 Comments
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After a bit of fighting and a few heart stopping moments* I've managed to upgrade my installation to CS 1.1. Those of you who actually visit the site (rather than read my posts in an aggregator) will have noticed that my old BlueCurve skin is not Read More

Bizarre Observation of the Day

posted 19 June 2005 07:47 by Derek Lakin :: 1 Comments
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If you add a script tag to your HTML document such as <script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript" src="/archive/scripts/common.js" /> then Internet Explorer fails to realise that you have opened and closed the script tag in one go and wraps your Read More

Interview with David Ornstein

posted 17 June 2005 10:37 by Derek Lakin :: 0 Comments
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There's a great interview with David Ornstein, founder of the FlexWiki project, over on Channel 9. Read More