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Published 29 June 2005 15:36 by Derek Lakin
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Those of you visiting the site with a browser (instead of reading posts with an aggregator) will have noticed that the site has a snazzy new look-and-feel to it. As I mentioned before I was bored with BlueCurve and it was time for something different, well this is it and I've called it BlueFlame.

The layout was based on the LuxInterior by Jaxon Rice, but has been modified quite considerably to give what you see here.

The lightbulb image is courtesy of Paul Watson, which is released under a CC license that allows non-commercial, attributed work without modification, so Paul, thanks very much. If you're ever looking for a photographer, Paul's your man. He's an incredibly talented guy who I respect enormously for following his heart not his wallet in his career path.

The image used to create the flame comes from a wallpaper that I had lieing around on my PC, but I can't find it online any more. If it's yours and I need permission to use it then I apologise profusely. Please get in touch so I can ask.

The latest posts control used in the header was created by Christian Nordbakk. Thanks for letting me use it Christian.

I have one outsanding bug which renders the first row in the recent posts list in black text instead of white under IE. I'm still scratching my head over this one.

The next stage is to extend the design over on to the galleries section of the site.

I hope you enjoy the new design, I certainly enjoyed creating it.


# re: Welcome to BlueFlame @ 05 July 2005 20:10

Nice skin.

Dave Kekish

# re: Welcome to BlueFlame @ 07 July 2005 15:54

Nice redesign mate and I am honoured you used my photo :)

Paul Watson