Sauce Reader Up For Sale

Published 12 August 2005 10:09 by Derek Lakin
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I fired up Sauce Reader as usual this morning and to my horror in the Sauce Reader Weblog I found that Synop has closed for business and that the Sauce Reader product and source code (both versions 1.x and 2.x) are up for sale!

"The Sauce Reader product and source code are for sale!

Synop has closed for business. We're very proud of all we've accomplished both internally and by working closely with our customers and users. We appreciate all your interest and support."

If I had any kind of money I'd buy it in a flash. Sauce Reader is an excellent RSS reader that I haev always used even when trying out something new. The re-write to version 2 was a great step forward in performance and stability (even if it did switch from C# .NET to Delphi) and it is a great shame that they have not been able to sustain the business.

I truly hope that someone can buy the product and continue to take it forward.