Published 12 September 2005 11:36 by Derek Lakin
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I meant to blog about Listal last week when I discovered it (hat tip: Paul). Listal isĀ "a social DVD, book, music and games collection manager". It's a nice looking and effective list manager for your various collections and allows you to add items to either an owned list or a wanted list. Your lists can be publicly viewed on the web (mine is at, you can create custom listsĀ and there are RSS feeds for your lists, too. Like any good Web 2.0 application it also supports adding your own tags to your own items.

The whole system seems to be powered from Amazon and even allows you to add items by Amazon ASIN number. It's still under fairly heavy development, but it certainly looks very promising, though besides bragging I'm not too sure of it's usefulness yet.