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Published 14 September 2005 09:33 by Derek Lakin
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There's a huge amount of new stuff coming out of PDC '05 at the moment. So much, in fact, that I feel like I can hardly keep up!

Here's a quick round up of some of the cool things that I've heard about (not necessarily all from PDC):

Cool stuff for developers:

  • Atlas - Microsoft's .NET AJAX library
  • Virtual Server 2005 - according to Ben "Virtual PC Guy" Armstrong, Virtual Server 2005 will be included in MSDN Enterprise and Universal subscriptions
  • LINQ - or Lanquage Integrated Query for .NET

Update: Microsoft Expression Suite has also been announced now, too. This suite consists of Graphic Designer (codenamed Acrylic), Interactive Designer (codenamed Sparkle) and Web Designer (codenamed Quartz). Acrylic seems to be a Fireworks/Photoshop type application and Quartz seems to be a FrontPage-type application. I think the purpose of Sparkle is to help Developers create good looking applications for WinFX.

According to Scott Guthrie "the VS Whidbey WYSIWYG web designer [will use] the Quartz design surface so that [it] can take advantage of its richer CSS and layout editing support".

Also just announced at PDC is the Windows Workflow Foundation.


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Also, Virtual PC Express, and Eiger now has a name: "Windows Fundamentals".


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Hi Derek!

Thanks for putting umbraco on that list, it's a couple of nice stuff to be surrounded by ;-)

If you're still at PDC and want to meetup and talk about umbraco, just drop me a mail (nh AT umbraco DOT dk). I'm here until sunday.