Visual Studio 2005 for Dummies

Published 28 September 2005 17:15 by Derek Lakin
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I've started to explore Visual Studio 2005 (at last) by working on a project that's been on hold for too long. I'm not talking about the project itself publicly just yet, but I am working with a closed group of people on a private meem on imeem. I'm blogging about my experiences with VS 2K5 (and SQL 2K5) on an imeem blog because then all my experiences with this project are in the same place.

The first post reads as follows:

"If you want to create an ASP .NET Web application the first thing to remember is that you choose File > New > Web Site. File > New > Project and Start Page > Create > Project don't give you access to ASP .NET apps.

The next thing to think about is: Do you want to have other projects as part of the solution? If you do just create an Empty Solution first and then you can add Projects and Web Sites to that Solution from the Solution Explorer."