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Check my iKarma

"Online or offline, in business or among friends, your reputation says everything about you - who you are, what you do, and what others think about you. The strength of a good name is the finest marketing that money can't buy. iKarma.com provides Read More

Are Microsoft Dumbing Down Web Development?

It seems to me that lots of features have been "simplified" (I prefer the term dumbed down ;)) in developing web sites under Visual Studio 2005. The following are examples that I've found so far: Web site projects do not and cannot have a default namespace Read More

Cool Refactoring

Visual Studio provides some really good refactoring tools, such as renaming, so that if you rename a class for example a smart tag pops up and allows you to rename and references. Today, however, I noticed that this is all done automatically if you rename Read More

Post-dated Posts

Apologies for the recent flurry of post-dated posts, but I had been blogging them on one of my imeem blogs and decided that I should cross-post them here too (as this site gets much more traffic). There won't be any more post-dated posts, but you can Read More

Skinnable/Themeable Controls and Script Includes

Yesterday I moved on from the back-end logic and data access of my pet project to the front-end stuff and so quickly introduced myself to MasterPages and Skins/Themes. I had already produced the design for the site and so it was a fairly simple process Read More

SiteScore 8.6

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Saw this over on forgetfoo.com and thought I'd take a look, too as I'd never heard of it either. It seems that he and I have the same score! It seems that although his is better marketed, mine is better designed and more satisfying to visit! Marketing Read More