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Published 23 November 2005 10:17 by Derek Lakin
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If you add encarta@conversagent.com to your MSN IM contacts list, you can ask it questions, e.g.

  • What is the size of Mexico?
  • When was Leonardo da Vinci born?
  • How many calories are there in an orange?
  • I want to see the map of Italy.
  • When was Abraham Lincoln born?
  • Solve 2x^2+7x=5
    • I especial love the "solve" thing. If I could figure out how to give it simultaneous equations, most of my boys' math home would be solved in IM...

      Found this over on Chris Sell's site. Encarta Instant Answers allows you to ask questions of the Encarta encyclopaedia and (surprise, surprise) get instant answers. I live in a little heard of place called Ely, here in the UK, so I was quite impressed to find that when asked "Where is Ely?" Encarta Instant Answers replied:

      Ely, town in East Cambridgeshire District, Cambridgeshire, eastern England, on the Ouse River. Located in an agricultural region, Ely has.... Let me take you to a map of Ely. =>

      Which is completely accurate and correct and it even pulled up an Encarta browser next to my chat window (once I accepted the invitation) to show me a map using MapPoint:

      Encarta Instant Answers


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      Woah, that is so cool. Thanks Derek.

      Paul Watson

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      ooooh that looks really cool. Ta bro :)