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Published 01 December 2005 14:44 by Derek Lakin
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Recent analysis of the visitor stats for my blog (using Google's Analytics service has indicated that I have significantly higher traffic from search engine hits than I have from persistent readers, which is quite disappointing in some respects as it means that the majority of readers find me by accident and relatively few visit because they like what I post. On the other hand it means that this site has potential to earn my some money as new visitors from search engines make google advert clickers. As a result I've added Adwords to the site layout. They're quite discreet so hopefully my repeat visitors won't be too upset.


# re: Adwords A-Go-Go @ 01 December 2005 23:31

Come on Derek! I'm one of your blog fellows!... I can't be the only one!



# re: Adwords A-Go-Go @ 02 December 2005 08:42

You're not!


# re: Adwords A-Go-Go @ 02 December 2005 09:08

I think also your many readers are probably reading everything in their feed aggregator which Google Analytics doesn't track yet.

I know I often read posts on your blog through the feed and don't visit the site.

Paul Watson

# re: Adwords A-Go-Go @ 05 December 2005 10:14

Thanks guys :)

I know there are a couple of regular readers to whom I'm eternally grateful and I know that there are a few of you who read everything via RSS and I don't have a problem with that either.

I just thought it might be good to make a few cents from the many people that visit via Google :D

Derek Lakin

# re: Adwords A-Go-Go @ 05 December 2005 14:44

And you're right! It doesn't cost anything to your readers and it can bring some cash home! Not bad at all!