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Published 05 December 2005 10:15 by Derek Lakin
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If you have installed one of the Express editions of Visual Studio and signed up for the registration benefits then you may already be aware of IconBuffet as they have provided a large number of free icons.

In addition to this they are now offering a service called Free Delivery. Register and sign-up and every month you'll get a new set of free icons, however, different members will get different sets of icons and to get the ones you didn't receive they have to be delivered to you by another member that did get it:

Once a month, IconBuffet will deliver a free collection of stock icons (a Free Delivery) to your IconBuffet account. These special icons are royalty-free for both commercial and personal use.

Each IconBuffet member may — or may not — receive the same Free Delivery as the next member. In fact, we may release a dozen different Free Deliveries in a given month. There’s no way to tell what you’ll receive each month.

Is there a catch? Absolutely not. Each Free Delivery will contain royalty-free artwork (icons or illustration) that you are free to use on your website, your blog, a client’s website, commercial software, or just about whatever. You’re not required to purchase anything.

With each Free Delivery you receive, you can make five Free Deliveries of your own to friends and colleagues. If they’re already an IconBuffet member, the Free Delivery will arrive immediately in their account. If not, they can create their own free account, and begin receiving — and delivering — icons of their own. It’s that easy.

Oslo AtmosphereI've got the Oslo Atmosphere set and I've got 4 3 2 deliveries left if anyone else would like them in exchange for one of the other free deliveries available this month (something like Shanghai Tech, Shanghai Tech Vector or Oslo Finance would be nice). Just send me your set to derek.lakin <at> gmail.com

Update: I've now got the Shanghai Tech set aswell (thanks Paul) and have 3 deliveries remaining. It looks like you get 5 deliveries for each collection whether you received direct or delivered to you by a friend.

Update 2: The Oslo Finance set has now been added to my collection thanks to RoudyBob. I've got 2 deliveries left for Oslo Atmosphere, 2 for Shanghai Tech and 5 for Oslo Finance.


# re: IconBuffet Free Delivery @ 05 December 2005 17:24

Thanks Derek, very useful.

BTW did you ever get IconBuffet icons from your VS Express registration? It was never an option for me and I was a bit miffed as it was the only registration benefit I wanted (the stock images were crap.)

Paul Watson

# re: IconBuffet Free Delivery @ 06 December 2005 10:18

Paul, I think you need to register either Visual C# Express or Visual Basic Express to get the IconBuffet icons as part of the registration benefits.

I do have them and they are well worth having. You get 6 full sets of toolbar type icons in BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF and ICO format, plus another smaller set in 5 different colours!

Derek Lakin

# re: IconBuffet Free Delivery @ 01 January 2006 08:40

I'm in need of the Oslo sets. Could you gift them to me?

charlie |at| curvedigital |dot| com

I have Taipei Night Market. Would you like a copy?


# re: IconBuffet Free Delivery @ 15 January 2006 07:08

Derek, I would love Oslo atmosphere as well. I can reciprocate with Shanghai Smilies and Taipei Night Market.