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Stargate Game Cancelled

Just weeks before it was ready for release the enormously anticipated FPS game Stargate the Alliance has been cancelled :( It was confirmed on the official forums a couple of days ago after rumours and stories started to hit the internet: "It pains Read More

Free eBooks from Apress

Apress have a selection of programming books available for free download in PDF format. The titles available at the moment are: A Programmer's Introduction to PHP 4.0 Writing Perl Modules for CPAN Programming VB .NET: A Guide For Experienced Programmers Read More

e-blue i-phone for Skype

Not so long ago I was called in to work on a Sunday because we had some field engineers at a customer's site in China that needed help. I was most unpleased as we'd advised them not to go, but nevermind. Fortunately the problem turned out not to be Read More

Flyakite OSX 3 Released

If you like the look of MacOSX, but have a PC then you can get pretty close with the FlyaKite GUIKit. As reported over on Aqua-Soft: "We’ve been waiting for this release for over half a year, but the wait was well worth it. This release includes the Read More

Yet More WLM Invites!

I logged in again this morning and I've got even more Windows Live Messenger Beta invites to hand out! I guess the team are ramping up on the number of users. I had an extra 5 but I've sent one to poor Philippe who was the 6th to comment on yesterday's Read More

Windows Live Messenger Beta Invites

After my initial flurry of inviting close friends I've now got some more invites to hand out for the new Windows Live Messenger (Messenger 8) beta. First five to comment get an invite. Read More

Windows Live Messenger Beta

posted 05 January 2006 20:35 by Derek Lakin :: 3 Comments
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I just received that all important invitation to join the Windows Live Beta program! w00t! It needs a reboot after installation, so I guess I'll have to blog more about it later. Read More