Flyakite OSX 3 Released

Published 16 January 2006 12:19 by Derek Lakin
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If you like the look of MacOSX, but have a PC then you can get pretty close with the FlyaKite GUIKit.

As reported over on Aqua-Soft:

"We’ve been waiting for this release for over half a year, but the wait was well worth it. This release includes the first ever dynamic boot patcher, which will finally–safely–allow for a progress bar on the bootup screen. Additionally, with programmer herd’s help, flyakite has included a program in this pack that will let you close other programs with the keyboard shortcut Alt + Q, similar to the behavior present on the Macintosh in which pressing Apple + Q will close the application. Additionally, flyakite wrote a sweet macro program which will automatically move the taskbar to the top of the screen, something never seen before (done automatically, that is) in any other transformation pack. flyakite’s website has also been updated. This website, famous among the Aqua community, is a joy to peruse and browse. It pushes the edge in Aqua website emulation!

flyakite said it himself: “this will be the ultimate release. it will put every release I have ever made to shame, and will embarass future releases of mine.” That’s a statement of a pretty high order, but we’re sure it’s true!" 


I used the FlyaKite GUIKit in it's previous release and loved it. I only stopped using it when Kol's Vista visual style was released.

In addition to the GUIKit itself there is an awesome website too. Just look at the screenshot on the left (click for full size). It has windows with transparency, a working launch bar, menu, iTunes, themes and wallpapers and much more.

The MSN window that is shown in the screenshot is a screenshot of the MSN skin that is included in FlyaKite. There really is too much in this GUIKit to go in to any depth, just try it out for yourself. If you don't like it you can use the uninstaller that's part of the setup (the same as you'd expect from an application) which put you back to where you were before you started.