April 2006 - Posts

New Version of GoogleTalk

A new version of Google Talk is now available for download. I tend not to use the main interface much I just respond to chat windows that popup when someone chat's with me (often from the GMail chat window), so I didn't know there was a new version until Read More

Computers and the Internet According to "normal" People

posted 06 April 2006 11:44 by Derek Lakin :: 0 Comments
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I just got sent this link about how "normal" people perceive computers and the Internet. Here's some of the funny ones (they're funny becuase they're true!)Computers get slower and slower with time; this is perfectly normal, and the only thing to do Read More

MIX 'o6 in Vegas

posted 05 April 2006 13:37 by Derek Lakin :: 1 Comments
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I wasn't fortunate enough to go myself, but my good friend Paul did go and has written up his report of the sessions he attended. Maybe it's just Paul's twisted peculiar strange different unique outlook on life, but his experiences in Las Vegas aren't Read More