MIX 'o6 in Vegas

Published 05 April 2006 13:37 by Derek Lakin
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I wasn't fortunate enough to go myself, but my good friend Paul did go and has written up his report of the sessions he attended.

Maybe it's just Paul's twisted peculiar strange different unique outlook on life, but his experiences in Las Vegas aren't quite what I would have expected.

I am not jaded. I am not cynical or wordly wise, I am easy to please for Pete's sake but Las Vegas in that first hour was underwhelming. I knew by the time we got to our hotel that Vegas had been commercialised. Sure, it has always been about the money but back then the money was dirty and the streets dirtier. 100 dollar bills were rolled up and used properly back then, they weren't exchanged for a quarter-pounder and 90 in change. When you couldn't pay your debts you had to talk to Luigi or Mario, not phone the gamblers helpline and get a three year residual loan at favourable rates. McDonalds, Dennys, StarBucks. Commercialised by the same bland, generic-Viagra using, Westernised globalisation mega-brands that make 100 chain outlets a niche experience.


# re: MIX 'o6 in Vegas @ 05 April 2006 14:59

hehe, twisted, peculiar, strange and different. I am honoured. Thanks mate.