New Version of GoogleTalk

Published 07 April 2006 12:03 by Derek Lakin
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A new version of Google Talk is now available for download. I tend not to use the main interface much I just respond to chat windows that popup when someone chat's with me (often from the GMail chat window), so I didn't know there was a new version until I saw Forget Foo's post.

The immediately obvious change is the support for avatars (see the screenshot) and a few are included with the new version, though you can use your own. Something that I'm not sure is new or not is the ability to change the appearance of the chat window in respect of how chat's are presented. Presumably it was there before, but now you can choose to include pictures or not.

Another new feature is the support for Blackberry devices now as well.
Get Google Talk on your BlackBerry and chat with your friends on the go for free. You can even keep emailing and playing BrickBreaker while you chat. Download it at (most commonly accessed via your BlackBerry).

Judging by the What's New page the chat window appearance stuff is new, too.

Google Talk was originally praised for it's clean, simple, uncluttered approach to IM (as well as the voice functionality). I wonder if the MSN Messenger bashers will be as happy with Google Talk now?