Catching Up

Published 04 May 2006 15:04 by Derek Lakin
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I've been particularly bad at blogging here on Digital Thoughts recently and for this I apologise. I have been (barely) managing to keep up with my posting over on Bill's Baby and Web 2.0 Blog, but things have been particularly slack here.

The reason for my blogging absence is that I've actually been really busy. I quit my dull day job that has been boring me to tears for the last 18 months and have set up my own company, Polyceta Limited. I now work from the comfort of my own home on new and exciting things with great people like those at Content Master, for whom I am currently working.

The domain name will gradually be phased out and replaced with the new domain name. The FeedBurner feed for this blog was updated ages ago and you can currently use and to get to Digital Thoughts.