Spore at E3

Published 11 May 2006 09:48 by Derek Lakin
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The guys at Electronics Arts/Maxis have been giving a demo of the much anticipated new game from Will Wright: SPORE. IGN have a download of the video of the demo given at E3 and it is awesome! It shows off the game selection screen, where you choose which of the 6 levels to start playing, from the Tide Pool Phase up to the Space Phase.

There is a separate editor associated with each level giving the user complete control over how their creature looks from the number of arms and legs, to the colour and texture of the skin.

The SPORE website has also been updated with new information from E3. This includes a set of in-game screenshots, the video trailer for Spore, and some screenshots of creatures recently created by the SPORE game team.

The only disappointing thing for me is the news that SPORE most likely won't be released until 2007, given that it does not feature in the fiscal details for 2006, meaning it won't be released until at the earliest April 2006. In the mean time I'll just have to make do with the completely awesome trailer and demo.