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Published 26 May 2006 09:35 by Derek Lakin
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These days if you've got a new(ish) idea then it's got to be Something 2.0. SOA 2.0, Web 2.0, and so on. It doesn't necessarily mean it's really new, but there's a new spin to it. Well last night I think we came up with Geek 2.0!

James Governor was kind enough to invite me down to London for a Web 2.0 chat with a few other people. Mysyteriously there wasn't a geek pride T-shirt in sight (at first :P), we were all dressed in a smart casual fashion, and there was no schwag either, just lot's of red wine.

We all travalled down to Bedale's Wineshop just up the road from Liverpool Street station (the one we were at isn't on their web site, but James is there a lot!) and by mutual consensus starting with some red wine and didn't change. We started with a "Fat pino", moved on to a "Really fat pinot" (James' descriptions, not mine), whose name's escape me, but they were both from New Zealand (i'm a bit of peasant when it comes to wine, but I like it!), though one was called "Shaky Bridge". After that came a 1982 Chateau Neuf du Pape, which I think was the one that smelt of leather! There was another French wine after that, which I think cost about £35 per bottle and was actually very nice :D

Besides all the very nice wine, I did have a really good time. There were some really great people there from Microsoft, Adobe, IBM and more besides. We didn't talk about anything specific and there was no agenda, but we did all have a good chinwag and enjoyed the wine.

So, my thanks to James for the invite and his excellent choices of wine. Thanks must also go to Ben Watson from Adobe, who actually paid for it all! Thanks for the conversation to Peter Bell (Developer Relations at Microsoft), Roo, Darren, and Rob (all Emerging Technologies at IBM, have a very nice looking blog called eightbar, and have a bizarre fascination with the virtual world Second Life). Tink and a few others were also there, but I didn't much chance to chat with them. Maybe next time.

All in all we had a good time, great wine, and a good tech chat. The only schwag I ended up was an invitation to Stringfellows in Soho from a girl outside Liverpool Street station, but for me this is the way forward for geek meets. Forget your geek pride T-shirts and bring out the wine!


# re: Geek 2.0 @ 26 May 2006 16:29

It was great to meet you Derek. The night wasn't long enough, and the biggest feeling I walked away with (other than a pleasant red wine buzz) was that we should do it again.


# re: Geek 2.0 @ 26 May 2006 19:36

It was great to meet you too, and yes, we should definately do it again.

Derek Lakin

# re: Geek 2.0 @ 27 May 2006 23:48

It seems we all had a great time. All we need now is someone to come up with more wine money so we can do it again. :)


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