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FlexWiki 2.0

This happened quite a while back now and even more progress has been made, but I still think it's worth mentioning. Thanks to the herculean efforts by Craig Andera, FlexWiki has been branched in CVS to give a new branch that is built using .NET 2.0.One Read More

Extending the Atlas Wiki Part I - Adding Email Support

I just posted an article over on Bill's Baby that describes how to add email support to the ASP.NET "Atlas" Wiki. It describes how to get emails sent to new users when the register and how to notify an administrator when new users have registered. Read More

Uninstalling the Betas

If you haven't yet installed the release version of one of the Visual Studio 2005 editions then you may find this Microsoft page particularly useful as it includes a link to an auto-uninstall tool for automatically removing any previous beta Read More

RegEx Visualizers for Visual Studio 2005

Roy Osherove (author of the Regulator) has just released a Regex Debug Visualizers kit for Visual Studio 2005. Visual Studio allows creating "Debug Visualizers" for all types in .NET framework as well as custom types.You can find such visualizers for Read More

Caching in Windows Applications

I've often heard that you can use the ASP.NET caching features provided by the .NET Framework in Windows applications, but never tried it. Well, today I read a post by the great Scott Hanselman that confirms it:  I also started Read More

More Free Stuff!

Continuing the tradition of signingup for free developer goodies here's a post about more free stuff. Over at the Component Factory the Krypton Toolkit has been released. Just go to the Downloads link and enter your email address to receive instructions. Read More

How do I Create a Web Service in Visual Studio 2005

If you want to create a web service in Visual Studio 2005, you will need to choose File > New > Web Site and choose "ASP .NET Web Service" from the templates. Having moved the web site stuff into this new place in the first place, I guess it makes Read More

Skinnable Script Control Update

A while back I blogged about a skinnable script control to provide access to theme-specific script includes. Well, after some recent testing I realised that it wasn't generating urls that worked in all circumstances. Most of the ASP.NET Web Controls Read More

Are Microsoft Dumbing Down Web Development?

It seems to me that lots of features have been "simplified" (I prefer the term dumbed down ;)) in developing web sites under Visual Studio 2005. The following are examples that I've found so far: Web site projects do not and cannot have a default namespace Read More

Cool Refactoring

Visual Studio provides some really good refactoring tools, such as renaming, so that if you rename a class for example a smart tag pops up and allows you to rename and references. Today, however, I noticed that this is all done automatically if you rename Read More

Post-dated Posts

Apologies for the recent flurry of post-dated posts, but I had been blogging them on one of my imeem blogs and decided that I should cross-post them here too (as this site gets much more traffic). There won't be any more post-dated posts, but you can Read More

Skinnable/Themeable Controls and Script Includes

Yesterday I moved on from the back-end logic and data access of my pet project to the front-end stuff and so quickly introduced myself to MasterPages and Skins/Themes. I had already produced the design for the site and so it was a fairly simple process Read More

Debugging and Unit Testing

I've written enough code to start debugging and unit testing now (no flaming about writing unit tests first, etc, please!). The Create Unit Tests feature is really nice. With virtually no effort at all you can set up unit tests to start exercising your Read More


If you ever get all anal about your version numbers then you've probably played around with the AssemblyVersion and AssemblyFileVersion attributes in AssemblyInfo.cs. In Visual Studio .NET 2003 the AssemblyInfo.cs that you get by default just specifies Read More

Code Snippets

Code Snippets are great! Just type '?' and then hit <TAB> and you can choose from the available snippets or you can right-click in the code editor and choose "Insert Snippet..." or you can type the abbreviation for a snippet and hit tab. Once Read More
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