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e-blue i-phone for Skype

Not so long ago I was called in to work on a Sunday because we had some field engineers at a customer's site in China that needed help. I was most unpleased as we'd advised them not to go, but nevermind. Fortunately the problem turned out not to be Read More

PDC '05

There's a huge amount of new stuff coming out of PDC '05 at the moment. So much, in fact, that I feel like I can hardly keep up! Here's a quick round up of some of the cool things that I've heard about (not necessarily all from PDC): Windows Sideshow Read More

Microsoft ActiveSync 3.8 Released

Microsoft have released ActiveSync version 3.8; download here. Hat tip Neil. Read More

Carry Case for 17" Laptop

My new employer was kind enough to purchase a Sony Vaio 17" widescreen laptopĀ for me when I started work for them. However, they didn't think to get a carry case at the same time and now I need one. Having scoured our preferred supplier's website I put Read More

VGA Goodness on the PocketLoox 720

One of the main reasons for buying the Pocket Loox 720 over something like the DELL Axim X30 or something simimlar was the fact that it was a VGA Pocket PC, rather than the QVGA that most other Pocket P Cs are. My first impression when I started it up Read More

Promised PocketLoox Photos

I promised in my earlier Pocket Loox720 First Thoughts that I'd post some photos taken with the camera so here they are. The photos I took were intentionally from a similar location and in similar lighting conditions to Landscape Photos At Flickr taken Read More

My New PocketLoox 720 Has Arrived!

My new FSC Pocket Loox 720 has arrived! Now all I need is the time to play with it As soon as I have I'll post some actual pictures of it and some taken with it (it has a 1.3MP digital camera built in). Until then here's a picture from Read More

Is it a Blog? Is it a Wiki?

No it's a Bliki and David Ornstein (creator of FlexWiki) has found it before it's officially launched! I'm a big fan of Wikis, especially FlexWiki and I'm also a big fan of blogs (obviously). Recently I found Hallgrim Ludvigsen's blikiĀ and decided that Read More

Shiny New Toy!

Having only been at my new job for a week, I've finally got my shiny new toy: a Sony VAIO VGN-A197XP laptop. This is quite a beast as laptops go and is far too heavy to be portable; thankfully I won't need to be doing much of that. However, it's a 17" Read More

GMail Notification

A while ago I signed up to GMail, my initial thoughts were that I wouldn't use it much and besides, it's web-based so I'll have to go and check on-line all the time to see if I've got any emails. purely by coincidence I picked up a magazine the other Read More

9/11 Commission Report Available in Electronic Format for Free

"The 9/11 Commission Report: Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States" is now available for free download from It's available in 8 formats including Adobe PDF, Microsoft eBook and Palm Doc, Read More

Windows Mobile 2003 SE

Now that my wireless network gives me a nice strong signal pretty much everywhere in my house I tend to browse some of the PocketPC-related news sites in the morning on my HP iPAQ h5550 before I get started for work. One of my favourites is PocketPC Thoughts, Read More