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Sky TV Half Price for 3 Months

If you're interested in signing up for Sky TV here in the UK before December 6th (wouldn't it make a great Christmas present!?) then let me know your email address and I'll refer you then you get your first 3 months for half price. In return I get to Read More

Encarta Instant Answers

If you add encarta@conversagent.com to your MSN IM contacts list, you can ask it questions, e.g. What is the size of Mexico? When was Leonardo da Vinci born? Read More

We Will Remember You

Today is Remembrance Day; a day in which we remember and give thanks to all those who have fought for us and gave their lives to give us the life we have now. Here in the UK you can help support the British Legion by buying a poppy or making Read More

Check my iKarma

"Online or offline, in business or among friends, your reputation says everything about you - who you are, what you do, and what others think about you. The strength of a good name is the finest marketing that money can't buy. iKarma.com provides Read More

Launch Tour 2005: I'll be there!

I just registered for the UK Launch of Visual Studio 2005* at the Birmingham International Conference Centre on November 8th. Let me know if you'll be there and we can arrange to meet up and say hi. * And SQL Server 2005 and BizTalk Server 2006 Read More

Installation Rant

[rant] Why do so many software installation programs have to have hard-coded locations for their Start Menu folder? Why do I have to manually re-order my Start Menu so that all my applications are grouped according to their use and then have to manually Read More

Woohoo! I'm an MCAD

Having sat and passed exams 70-315 and 70-316 (Windows Apps and Web Apps) earlier this week I sat the dreaded 70-320 (Xml Web Services and Server Components) today and passed with flying colours, which means I'm now a Microsoft Certified Application Read More

Offline for Two Weeks

posted 18 July 2005 08:02 by Derek Lakin :: 1 Comments
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I know I'm not the most prolific blogger, but over the next two weeks you'll here even less from me than usual. I'm currently in the middle of the English countryside just about to start studying for my MCSD.NET. It's a two week (12 days to be precise) Read More

Nicely Said

posted 08 July 2005 17:28 by Derek Lakin :: 0 Comments
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As ever there are much more eloquent people out there than I am, so I won't try to do any better. I don't live in London and I don't often travel there, but my sentiments are the same: "From the resigned "oh, the tube is off... never mind, I'll just Read More

Adobe Buys Macromedia

posted 18 April 2005 11:20 by Derek Lakin :: 1 Comments
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The annoucement that Adobe are to buy Macromedia has caught me offguard; I really wasn't expecting it and so I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I've been a long time user of Dreamweaver (though less recently) and Fireworks and have suffered at Read More

Which Flock Do You Follow?

posted 29 March 2005 09:42 by Derek Lakin :: 0 Comments
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I know there are thousands of these things around, but every now and again it can be amusing to try them out and to be honest I do more than I post about. It just so happens that I thought this one was right! Which flock do you follow? this quiz was Read More

Stargate SG-1: The Alliance

The official website for the upcoming Stargate SG-1: The Alliance game has now been officially launched. The story revolves around Anubis' "seeking that which can grant him immeasurable power" and SG1's battle to stop Read More

Wakeup Adam Curry and Dave Winer!

I'm sure neither Adam Curry nor Dave Winer will ever read this blog post, but I feel the need to express my views on this particular topic. I just finished listening to their latest Trade Secrets podcast and I have to say that I am outraged at some of Read More

Which Movie Villain Are You?

I was just catching up on some blogs and I think I followed a link to someone else's blog and found out that they were Darth Vader, which as movie villains go is pretty cool! Well, always game for a laugh I thought I'd have a go and it turns out that Read More

Christmas is Coming!

Having recently actually visited my sister's blog recently rather than just read here posts in Sauce Reader, I noticed that she's put up her Christmas list for herself and her boyfriend. This immediately reminded me that Christmas is approaching rapidly Read More