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Bill's Baby and Web 2.0

In addition to the kind of posts I've been churning out here I'm now writing (generally) lengthier posts on Bill's Baby and Web 2.0 Blog, both part of the FineFools community. The Bill's Baby blog is all about Microsoft, to which my contributions Read More

How do I Create a Web Service in Visual Studio 2005

If you want to create a web service in Visual Studio 2005, you will need to choose File > New > Web Site and choose "ASP .NET Web Service" from the templates. Having moved the web site stuff into this new place in the first place, I guess it makes Read More

Skinnable Script Control Update

A while back I blogged about a skinnable script control to provide access to theme-specific script includes. Well, after some recent testing I realised that it wasn't generating urls that worked in all circumstances. Most of the ASP.NET Web Controls Read More

Are Microsoft Dumbing Down Web Development?

It seems to me that lots of features have been "simplified" (I prefer the term dumbed down ;)) in developing web sites under Visual Studio 2005. The following are examples that I've found so far: Web site projects do not and cannot have a default namespace Read More

Skinnable/Themeable Controls and Script Includes

Yesterday I moved on from the back-end logic and data access of my pet project to the front-end stuff and so quickly introduced myself to MasterPages and Skins/Themes. I had already produced the design for the site and so it was a fairly simple process Read More

SiteScore 8.6

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Saw this over on forgetfoo.com and thought I'd take a look, too as I'd never heard of it either. It seems that he and I have the same score! It seems that although his is better marketed, mine is better designed and more satisfying to visit! Marketing Read More

Debugging and Unit Testing

I've written enough code to start debugging and unit testing now (no flaming about writing unit tests first, etc, please!). The Create Unit Tests feature is really nice. With virtually no effort at all you can set up unit tests to start exercising your Read More

Welcome to Slide

Paul introduced me to Slide yesterday and I downloaded it and started using it this morning. It presents a "ticker" on your desktop of channels of photos. You can add existing channels from their channel guide and create your own from files, folders or Read More

New SauceReader Release(ish)

According to the Sauce Reader blog there is a new version of Sauce Reader available v2.0.2, which is just a minimal update to make it non-expiring (apparently v2.0.1 expires today). Unfortunately the link to the download is not responding! What will I Read More


If you ever get all anal about your version numbers then you've probably played around with the AssemblyVersion and AssemblyFileVersion attributes in AssemblyInfo.cs. In Visual Studio .NET 2003 the AssemblyInfo.cs that you get by default just specifies Read More

Code Snippets

Code Snippets are great! Just type '?' and then hit <TAB> and you can choose from the available snippets or you can right-click in the code editor and choose "Insert Snippet..." or you can type the abbreviation for a snippet and hit tab. Once Read More

Always Show Solution

By default the "Always show solution" option is off by default, which leads to the confusion I detailed in my previous posts. To turn it on (and thereby enable multi-project solutions) go to Tools > Options > Projects & Solutions > General Read More

Visual Studio 2005 for Dummies

I've started to explore Visual Studio 2005 (at last) by working on a project that's been on hold for too long. I'm not talking about the project itself publicly just yet, but I am working with a closed group of people on a private meem on imeem. Read More

Creating Web Sites

If you want to create an ASP .NET Web application the first thing to remember is that you choose File > New > Web Site. File > New > Project and Start Page > Create > Project don't give you access to ASP .NET apps. The next thing Read More


Thanks to Cary over on Flickr you can now view my Flickr photos in a much more eye-friendly way. His "pro" application creates a website for browsing albums of photos from Flickr. I've chosen the colour-averaging background option (the alternative is Read More